May 242016

Chia choc pud


I’m going to have to change my route home from the gym.

The cold pressed juice place next door and a floor down now sells raw vegan stuff besides the juices.

One day after a good workout left me feeling rather hungry I decided to try out the chia pudding.

Only because I’ve been contemplating making it for breakfast as I have heard good things about how filling it is but thought I should see if I liked it first,  if I didn’t like it I’d have wasted ooo a good 5 mins prepping it then waiting for it to do its stuff in the fridge plus I’d be left with no breakfast.

Anyway they only had the small size with the choc pudding on top so I  got that to try.

Big, big mistake.

Whilst I could take or leave the chia pudding bit that choc pudding stuff on top was omg delicious.


So now I get tubs of that instead….

Then I wonder why I struggle with my weight!



Apr 222016

I make no secret of the fact that I’m a bit of a lazy moo especially when it comes to food prep and cooking.

But am I really this lazy!!!!

Could this change my life!!


Insta smoothie, blender not included!

I did resist for a week or so but then curiosity got the better of me and I succumbed when I noticed them marked down.


To the pieces of apple, beetroot and spinach you have to add water along with the contents of the little container of apple/lemon juice.


I’m not convinced.

Perhaps it’s because I bought it on the expiry date or I didn’t blend long enough or blended it for too long, it just didn’t do it for me. It tasted no better than smoothies I put together myself and I didn’t like the texture. And it’s so expensive almost 6US$ full price!!!

Definitely not worth paying extra $$$$ for convenience in this case, smoothies are super duper quick to make anyhoo and much cheaper to buy the ingredients separately even at the marked down price I got this “kit”for.

I don’t think I’ll be trying the other flavour they do anytime soon!




Jan 132016

porridge blueberry burst

I adore porridge, it’s my favourite winter breakfast. I usually vary the flavourings/toppings so it’s different every day but not lately.

I’ve got a new crush.

Exploding blueberries.

I’ve always just bunged them on top straight from the fridge. If using previously frozen blueberries I’d defrost them under a running tap before throwing on. The other week we had a very cold-ish spell and I was out of fruit except for some blueberries I’d frozen. It was much too cold in the kitchen to hold them under the running tap (have I mentioned I have no running hot water in my kitchen here only cold) so I threw them in the porridge to defrost/warm through.

Omg, best decision ever!

They just burst in your mouth, an explosion of blueberryness!

Who knew!

I’ve since discovered it works with blueberries straight out of the fridge too. I throw them in to warm through after the porridge is finished cooking, wouldn’t want to accidentally squish any during stirring.

Almost – not quite – the same as those tiny peach/lychee popping boba they have as toppings at the frozen yogurt place I walk past en-route to the gym (not that I’d know…) only bigger and blue.

I cannot believe I didn’t know blueberries did that!



Jan 112016
Flab to Fab - the reboot

  I’ve restarted my weight loss campaign and this time I’m serious. My scheduled weigh in day is Monday right after the weekend. Previously I’ve chosen to weigh myself on a Wednesday (to give myself time to loose the excesses of the weekend) or  Fridays (before the weekend). I struggle on a weekend with all

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Dec 242015

  ………mushrooms! I saw this in the flower shop en-route to the gym this morning and thought it fabulous. I would never have thought to put assorted mushrooms on a festive wreath or arrangement. Sadly I’m allergic to fir trees and pine. Couldn’t believe how much it cost though so even if I wasn’t allergic

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Nov 302015
Purple sprouts

Favourite vegetable, favourite colour! I saw these in the little grocery store in the village. I’ve had purple sprouted broccoli before whilst visiting the UK during it’s season and purple carrots from the farmers market but purple brussel sprouts are a new one for me. I love brussel sprouts, always have even as a child

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Oct 312015
Monster Mush

Just as I was about to tuck into my fruit and overnight oats this morning, this happened and for a moment there I thought it was going to tuck into me. But on closer inspection the monster turned out to be very friendly and not at all scary –  just a mound of banana and

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