Jan 212012

Lovely Legumes


The ongoing reorganization of the kitchen and pantry is taking a lot longer than I anticipated. In theory I’ve always liked to keep the pantry supplies in glass jars if only because they look so pretty. In reality though, what with being so busy with other more interesting things, the jars were rarely labelled and most of the time left unfilled. Instead lots of stuff was left in packages, piled haphazardly onto shelves and inevitably ended up looking like this..


Pantry Pandemonium

I’m still busy decanting and labelling, moving and tweaking but already I’m noticing such a difference. Time spent in the kitchen is  much more efficient, I’m wasting far less time looking for required ingredients and I can see at a glance when I am running low on items. 

And I’d quite forgotten how much more of a pleasant experience it is  to be chopping and cooking in an organized space.

Ria xx

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